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Glass Recycler Bong

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    December 18, 2021 8:33 AM EET

    This green monster will gobble you up with its powerful hits! Don’t let it’s 7” size fool you, this green glass waterpipe recycler packs a king-size punch. The clear glass looks super cool, the green color is distinctive and the recycler shape will throw some mad scientist vibes into your smoke session! To get more news about rick and morty bong, you can visit official website.

    The glass on this unique water pipe is as durable as it is interesting. It can take the wear and tear of daily smoke sessions and keep you elevated day or night!This 7” ripper of a water pipe will have you feeling like a much chiller version of that green monster there. We love this pipes’ easy pulling slide and generous water chamber. Plus, this piece can be easily added to your dab rig kit. Just swap out the bowl with a 10mm bangar and you're good to go. It’ll keep all that good smoke fresh and cool for your blazing pleasure!

    How To Use
    Step 1: Load the bowl with the ground product of your choice.

    Make sure the chamber is full of clean water.

    Step 2: Put the pipe to your mouth, flick your lighter and ignite the bowl!

    Inhale deeply!

    Step 3: Draw until the chamber is full of smoke.

    Don’t quit drawing in yet!

    Step 4: Pull the slide and keep inhaling to clear the chamber.

    Kick back and chill.