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    Beta model includes tournaments

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    Starting with the "Autumn Update," Psyonix will provide more in-game occasions. There aren't many information on those in the interim, however they request gamers "search for greater info while each in-game occasion drops." There is one hint: Events will ...  more
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    Tight and wait a few months

    Will gamers who paid be satisfied about the 'rocket pass'? The answer is Psyonix would not want to care what disgruntled purists would possibly suppose. Money talks, and a circulate like this will cement Rocket League's competitive repute, massively growt...  more
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    In its trendy Rocket League roadmap submit, Psyonix did not say which platforms will employ pass-platform celebration assist, but it seems in all likelihood it'll paintings in the equal way Rocket League move-platform play works nowadays. So, PC gamers ca...  more
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