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Where To Find Corrupted Slivers in New World

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    December 18, 2021 6:57 AM EET

    New World contains a smorgasbord of resources to collect, including the coveted Corrupted Slivers. Although resources like silver and hemp are easy to find, Corrupted Slivers are harder to gather. Corrupted Slivers are gained by finishing Major Corrupted Breaches and looting Major Breach Caches. This is the only method players can use to farm Corrupted Slivers.To get more news about buy new world coins, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

    Corrupted Slivers are used for crafting items on the stonecutting table. Players can combine Corrupted Slivers with other resources to create various Tuning Orbs. Tuning Orbs are used to unlock new expeditions. Players will need to find Corrupted Slivers at some point in their playtime in New World.
    Players must first finish a Major Corrupted Breach for the opportunity to loot Corrupted Slivers. Major Corrupted Breaches spawn every hour and are visible on the player’s map. It is recommended for players to take on a Major Corrupted Breach in a group of five players, since it is much harder than a Minor Corrupted Breach. Using the correct weapons and class build, players will have no issue taking on a Major Corrupted Breach.

    The only way to get Corrupted Slivers in New World is by closing Major Corrupted Breach portals. These portals can only be sealed by using the Azoth Staff during a breach event. Corrupted Acolytes continue to spawn and attack players until the Major Corrupted Breach is ended with the staff. After players close the portal, they will gain access to Major Breach Caches that sometimes contain rare loot drops.

    Corrupted Slivers are not in every Major Breach Cache, they can only be found in those specific caches. Minor Corrupted Breach Caches do not contain any Corrupted Slivers. Minor Corrupted Breaches can be dealt with easily, but since Major Corrupted Breaches have a higher difficulty, it’s a good idea to take them on with friends. The recommended party size for a Major Corrupted Breach is five players, which gives players an idea of how difficult these breaches can be.

    Once New World players have gathered Corrupted Slivers, there are a few things to use them for. The stonecutting table allows players to craft new resources and items with Corrupted Slivers. Generally, the end result of using Corrupted Slivers is a Tuning Orb. Tuning Orbs allow access to new expeditions for players to partake in. Corrupted Slivers can also be combined to create Corrupted Fragments, which can then be combined to create Corrupted Shards. Corrupted Fragments and Shards are used to unlock high level Tuning Orbs and more expeditions. Ultimately, players can use Corrupted Slivers however they would like at the stonecutting table, although, it won't help create any of the best weapons in the game.