How to click the Best Portraits for a Pre Wedding Photoshoot?

  • Whether it’s the old school traditional photography or the modern candid pictures, you can master them all by considering few important factors. No we aren’t talking about buying some super expensive lenses and improving your photography skills. We’ll discuss about few common factors which can help you click some out of the world pictures during a pre wedding photoshoot.


    1)  Use natural light as much as possible- Speaking of photography, the source of light is undoubtedly the most important factor and it’s an added benefit if the source is natural. All kind of candid photographers India use this technique to enhance the quality of their pictures.  


    2)  Filter sunlight to your subject- This technique will remarkably improve the effect of light in your picture and give it a bright and appealing look. The way you can use this trick is by placing the subject against the sunlight with an element in between. Elements like tree leaves or architectural designs which can cut the sunlight which falls on the subject. Move around the couple and finalize which is the best angle having enough lights.


    3)  Reflect the natural light source- You can do this using a reflector or even the flash of your camera. Many times if you stand against the source of light, you will result in some extremely flashy images. But reflecting the light on the subject (in this case the couple) will instantly brighten the images and add the reflection in the image itself.


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