Adidas details ‘revolutionary’ three-pillar strategy

  • adidas shoes canada online The German sports giant told investors 50% of its sales will be through speed-enabled products by 2020. Adidas defines speed-enabled as a complete “reshaping” of its entire business model, from range planning to product creation, sourcing, supply chain, go-to-market and sales, as it looks to “significantly improve its speed-to-market.”This essentially means Adidas will aim to more quickly replenish the stock of seasonal best-sellers – such as Kanye West’s Yeezy line, which has at times struggled to meet huge consumer demand – to fulfil buzz and improve its ability to tap into emerging trends. As a result of these changes, Adidas says its share of full-price sales across the speed ranges will improve by 20% over the next five years.

    adidas shoes canada sale “Our goal is to give consumers what they want when they want it. Speed is one of the most powerful levers for our Group to do so. It will change the way we create, manufacture and distribute our products. It will revolutionise our current business model,” says Franck Denglos, vice-president of Adidas’ speed division. The efforts are part of Adidas’ wider Speedfactor initiative, which aims to stop with centralised production of products, such as shoes, and instead produce them closer to the consumer’s location. It is hoping this will result in more personalised products. Adidas also outlined the logic behind its plans to focus its marketing efforts on six major global cities.

    adidas shoes canada mens It said the plans make sense because 50% of the global population currently live in cities and 80% of global GDP is generated in metropolitan areas. The German brand said that up until 2020 it will “disproportionately” invest marketing and retail experiences within these six cities as it aims to outperform its rivals in terms of market share and brand advocacy. “The influence of global metropolitan areas on trends and brands cannot be overstated. The fate of global brands is decided in global cities. If we want to be successful in the future, we need to win in key cities,” explained Christopher Williams, vice-president of commercial planning and development.

    adidas shoes canada womens “Our focus on key cities enables us to activate our categories in the right areas and engage with communities in the most relevant neighbourhoods. And this then filters down to the rest of the countries.” but last month Adidas extended the collaboration with the announcement of a new fashion line that will be the biggest partnership Adidas has ever launched with a non-athlete. And Adidas has pledged to build a wider collaborative network with famous athletes, creatives, consumers and other partners as it aims to “help shape the future of sport and sports culture”. It said it will provide collaborators with access to internal tools.