A Brief History of Kanye West’s Historic adidas Collaboration

  • scarpe adidas outlet I have a nice pair of Adidas casual shoes that suddenly one shoe changed its color from navy blue into dark gray. Now I have a early new pair of shoes that each in a different color. I wrote to Adidas CS and (surprisingly) received an immediate reply with request for pictures of the product ID and the defect of the shoes. I sent Adidas the requested information over 10 days ago but have not heard a word since; not even an acknowledgment that they received my emails. I ordered a pair of typical Adidas trail running shoes online at Adidas.com. I was told they had 75 pair in stock and would ship the next day. After 8 days I began to wonder why they hadn't emailed me a tracking number yet. Tried email no response after 3 days.

    scarpe adidas outlet online Tried calling, they simply don't answer the phone. I left my phone on speaker for 25 minutes at one point. They never answered. I eventually had to cancel the VISA card I placed the order with to prevent them from billing me. It's been a month and still have not heard a word from Adidas. I guess they just want your money and that's the end of the deal as far as they are concerned. And FYI their 100% satisfaction return policy is just for store credit. You cannot get a refund for any reason whatsoever, even never receiving it. I ordered a pair of shoes in November and never got the shoes.

    adidas scarpe saldi uomo Where they denied my request for a refund saying the shoes were signed and delivered but when I checked my Adidas order tracker on sporticlub.com it still said not delivered, I check UPS and They also say LOST PACKAGE so I called again and the person I spoke to said there's nothing they can do. Call UPS because UPS let Adidas know the package was signed for and delivered, I call UPS and they say the package is lost and Adidas should refund me soon and there's nothing else they can do. So I'm just being tossed back and forth between companies, meanwhile it's been 6 months so I can't file a claim thru my credit card so I'm out the $275.

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