Path of Exile attempt to look back in new game

  • Top players even dont feel this i believe this its bad realy bad man i think like GGG some times ago take wrong road and after this they attempt to look back however it is not posible and after this your make an effort to turn back are extremely bad thats sad :(

    Never 100 i think so.

    Good cleaning it after a leech when using POE Trade Fall of Oriath, because now it are planning to be a good deal more bs.
    I played it without Vaal Pact(not coming near it, thus can't adjust it to those dreams) rather then as a Slayer and one Ascendant.
    Having another build inside my mind, but maybe resting first expansion.

    I took a screenshot to show my grand-kids one day. Never seen in close proximity to this much butthurt in a very thread from the interwebs.

    It's as inside the event you've never been playing PoE for just about any few several understand that skills, gems, keystones get changed (dreamed/buffed whatever) as a method to POE Items change the meta before it gets stale.

    Since the exp dreams are always together with the top 1% racers, can't you merely dream the progress on 99->100? increase it by 100% or something is and then leave the all it alone.