Fiber Optic Splice Closure Cable And Installation Steps


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    Fiber Optic Splice Closure installation steps

    1. Remove the cable sheath (if any, remove the shield and armor) and then remove each of the wraps to expose the loose tube. For the specific method, please follow the standard method recommended by the cable manufacturer. The preparation length is 3 meters.

    2. Clean the loose tube and the core sheath with detergent, remove the excess filling sleeve, and sand the cable with a sandpaper provided to a length of 150 mm.

    Folding cable installation

    1. Select the seal ring with the smallest inner diameter according to the outer diameter of the cable and place the two seal rings on the cable.

    2. Place the fiber optic cable into the corresponding access hole.

    3. Connect shield and ground.

    4. Wrap a self-adhesive sealing tape between the two sealing rings so that the sealing tape is wound flush with the outer diameter of the sealing ring to form a cable sealing end.

    5. Press the sealed end of the cable into the hole of the cable.

    6. Pass the hose clamp through the cable rib fixing seat and the cable core bracket, fix the cable to the base of the joint box, and tighten the hose clamp until the hose clamp is tightened.

    7. Put a nylon cable tie on the cable and cut off the excess length.

    8. The remaining unused cable holes should be sealed with a plug. The sealing tape is also wound on the plug and is required to be the same as 5.2.4.

    9. Wrap the reinforcing member around the countersunk screw of the splice tray holder and press it tightly.

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