Fiber Optic Splice Closure Share Violations Of Standards


    At present, the Fiber Optic Splice Closure on the market mainly has the following problems:

    1. Cut corners and reduce the size of the casing, thus reducing costs. The standard stipulates that "the length of the remaining fiber of the cable can be provided within the cable connector box is not less than 1.6m, the bending radius of the remaining fiber tray is not less than 37.5mm", and the operator is required to have sufficient operating space, thus requiring The inside of the joint box should not be too small, some cases are small, and the capacity is very large, it is difficult to meet the standard requirements; in addition, some shells are not small, but the thickness is thin, and the ability to withstand "squashing" is poor. Can not be used in direct burial occasions? Smoked even the standard of overhead can not be achieved.

    2. Reduce the auxiliary components that should be configured, and some test functions cannot be operated. Some connector boxes are not equipped with a grounding lead-out device at all (to ensure good grounding, this piece is made of copper), so that the connector box does not have a grounding function, and the safety of the ring network cannot be guaranteed; some connector boxes are not equipped with air-filling nozzles ( Made of stainless steel material), the sealing performance test cannot be carried out, of course, the sealing performance is not good or bad. At present, there is a combination of grounding and inflation, which is intended to reduce costs by reducing the configuration.

    3. Replace with other engineering plastics to reduce costs. Polycarbonate and alloy PP mentioned above are relatively expensive engineering plastics, and some manufacturers replace them with low-cost materials, so that the single cost of the joint box is reduced, but this will bring more performance failures. For example, poor fluidity of the material will cause injection molding defects. Under certain conditions, cracking will occur, and too much auxiliary material will accelerate the aging, which will have a greater negative impact on the entire project.

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