Introduction To The Performance Analysis Of Fiber Optic Connect


    This is so particular about the material of the Fiber Optic Splice Closure because it provides a very harsh protection environment for the fiber optic connector. It has sealing performance, repackaging performance, stretching, crushing, impact, bending, twisting, etc. for the conventional test items of the cable connector box. Axial compression, environmental performance (divided into temperature cycle, continuous high temperature, vibration, water vapor infiltration, solar radiation, chemical corrosion), electrical performance (individed into insulation resistance, withstand voltage strength), these projects are mainly sealed performance And electrical performance, the following two main performances are introduced below.
    Sealing Performance Analysis
    Sealing performance is basic and important. It provides a relatively independent environment for the fiber, protected from the outside world as small as possible, and ensures the consistency of the entire ring. This performance requirement is "the inside of the box." The pressure is 100Kpa±5 Kpa, soaked in a clear water container at room temperature for 15 minutes, no bubble escapes, or stable observation 24h barometer indicates no change”. If water vapor or dust enters the box, it will affect the performance of the fiber connector, increase the attenuation, and reduce the transmission capacity of the network. Whether the sealing performance is good or not is based on the rationality of the shell structure, and the second is related to the sealing material, of course, the correct operation is also essential. The sealing material mainly has two kinds of vulcanized rubber and non-vulcanized (self-adhesive) rubber. The latter has good effect and many applications, but it must be replaced with a new one when repackaging. In addition, in order to ensure the sealing test, the box must be equipped with Inflatable nozzle.

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