Enameled Wire Types and Their Properties Introduction


    Enameled wire according to conductor materials, can be divided into enameled copper wire and enameled aluminum wire; according to the conductor shape can be divided into enamelled round wire, flat wire or special-shaped wire; according to the type of insulating film is divided into oily, acetal, polyester and so on. Enameled wire is often named after the shape and material of the insulation material and conductor. For example: acetal enamelled round copper wire; polyester enameled flat aluminum wire. Also named for its special properties. Such as resistance to refrigerant enameled wire, self-adhesive straight enameled wire. In addition, the insulation structure can also be divided into a single coating enameled wire and composite coating enameled wire.

    Enameled wire wound into a coil, the general to go through the dipping process, dipping the paint solvent in the paint film has varying degrees of swelling, especially at higher temperatures; after the impregnation of the winding in use, due to the role of heat Film may produce pyrolysis, so varnish and enamel film compatibility of the film is good or bad for the electrical, electrical, instrumentation life is very influential. In use process. Winding may be in contact with various media around, such as contact with the refrigerant in the refrigeration unit, contact with a variety of chemical gases in chemical plants, these media have varying degrees of corrosion on the paint film, salt spray on the marine electrical products Enameled wire can also produce chemical corrosion, and so on, thus requiring the enameled wire film has good chemical stability.

    During the process of forming the coil and the embedding of the enamelled wire, the enameled wire, the fixture and the enamelled wire rub against each other and are subjected to bending, stretching or compressing. Therefore, the paint film of enameled wire is required to have good abrasion resistance, scratch resistance and good adhesion on the conductor. In order to facilitate the manufacture and processing, the enameled wire is required to have good flexibility, elasticity and bending property so that the coil is not easily deformed after forming; Modern high-speed automatic winding machine also requires the enameled wire surface smooth, small friction coefficient, and special purpose enameled wire also requires a larger coefficient of friction. When the motor is running, the winding by the impact, vibration, centrifugal force and thermal expansion and stress generated by overload, require enameled wire has a certain tensile strength.

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