Enameled Wire Specification


    Enameled wire consists of a thin layer of insulation or enamel, and is made of thin varnish or polyester or fiberglass. Wires are usually copper or aluminum.

    Conductor type. Most enameled wires are copper wire, but some applications use aluminum wires, such as large transformers and speaker coils. Aluminum wire needs a section 1.6 times larger than copper wire because of low conductivity. This makes the aluminium wire more cumbersome than the copper wire, because more wires are needed to reach a similar grade. Still, there is an advantage over copper that is less corrosive than copper.

    Color. The enameled wire has a variety of colors, including red, green and amber. The color of the wire has nothing to do with the nature of the wire. This is purely an aesthetic choice, and no element will affect the function of the wire. Some manufacturers will provide this particular color of wire when certain wire colors are selected or requested by the customer. The main reason why a person wants different colored wires is that it makes it easier to distinguish wires from different lines. By making the wire different color, it clearly shows which conductor comes from which circuit during welding.

    Wire gauge. The gauge will increase as the wire diameter decreases. There are 44 standard lines, the smallest is 0000, the largest is 40. The diameter of line 0000 is 11.684 mm, while the diameter of line 40 is 0.0799 mm.

    Shape. The general shape of enameled wire is square, circle or rectangle. Hexagonal lines are also available, but they are not common and can be found in sound coils. The shape of the wire will determine the sealing of the coil. As the coils are formed, the space between them is smaller, so the square copper wire is tighter than the circle. The square line is often used in confined Spaces and applications requiring higher power. A rectangular copper wire can be tighter than a square line, because it is flat. The rectangular wires were arranged on a plane and pressed into a ribbon.

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