5 Benefits of Using Natural Incense

  • Since the ancient ages incense has been used in the Christian religion to worship God. Apart from the religious significance, it has several practical applications as well.  A good and refreshing smell helps in improving our mood by creating a soothing and comfortable atmosphere. Incenses are considered as the most significant source of refreshing smell. (Information credit: holyart.co.uk)

    Incense has been used since the ancient ages for performing various crucial activities like worshipping, and during prayers. Because of its medicinal values incense is also used for healing purposes. Burning incense has been an important element in much diverse religion like in Christianity and Buddhism. Some of the many benefits of using incenses on a daily basis are discussed below:

    Religious Significance

    Since the period of antiquity incense has been used by the Christians to worship God. The smoke of burning incense symbolically represents the prayer of the faithful rising in the heaven. Although incense is a part of Jewish tradition, it has been adopted by the Christian Liturgy from the earliest century. The use of incense is also mentioned in the New Testament as well. The smoke of incense is used for the purpose of sanctification and purification.  It is considered as the outward signs of the spiritual realities and that is why it has become an important part of Christian liturgy.

    Other benefits of using incense are discussed below;

    1. Improves Mood:

    Burning natural incense is extremely beneficial in relieving stress and anxiety. More relieving stress you can use sandalwood or lavender incense. The combination of both aromas can also be used in relieving stress. They are helps in curing depression and mood swings. Incense is a significant element in aromatherapy. Its aroma is also extensively used for improving the concentration power.

    1. Controls Blood Pressure:

    The aroma of natural incense helps in curing blood pressure fluctuation. The refreshing aroma released by it helps in calming your tensed mind and there by helps in lowering your blood pressure level. By this process, it also saves you from other blood pressure related diseases like heart attack, stroke, high cholesterol etc. of course only the aroma of incense cannot lower your blood pressure alone. But it can be one of the natural solutions for solving your blood pressure related problems.

    1. Fights against Sleeping Disorders:

    Incense has sedative properties. It’s refreshing aroma helps in calming down your tensed mind. Burning natural incense while getting ready for bed is a great way of having a good sleep.



    1. Natural Air Freshener:

    Apart from all these properties, incense can also be used as a natural air freshener. It has the germ killing property that provides pollution-free environment in your room.

    1. Aggravates Body Healing Process:

    Natural incense has the ability of stimulating certain olfactory receptors that promotes quick natural healing process. It also stimulates keratinocytes that makes keratin. Keratin helps in creating the outermost layer of the skin

    The smoke of incense has several beneficial properties, like they encourage relaxation; promote sound sleep and help in improving the concentration power.