Time flies, in a blink of an eye

  • Time flies, in a blink of an eye, six years of elementary school life is over. In the six years of elementary school life, the alma mater gave me the cradle of learning. The teacher gave me knowledge and wisdom. The students gave me care and help... All this is something I can't forget.Walking into the campus, the happy scenes with the students in the past were shown as movies. At that time, we ran together on the runway of the campus, and the sweat on our faces filled our inner excitement.Can't forget, the teachers used the hard sweat to water the flowers of our motherland Cigarettes For Sale. I remember when I was in the first grade, the teacher walked into the classroom with kindness and talked to us in a gentle tone. At this time, the teacher raised a question for me to think about Parliament Cigarettes. After a period of brainwashing, an answer appeared in my heart. But I always feel that my answer is wrong, I dare not raise my hand. The teacher who saw it seemed to have seen through my mind, and then he put a heavy tone and said: "If you have an answer, you can speak it boldly. Even if it is wrong, it doesn't matter." I listened to her words and bravely raised her hand, fluently. Say my answer. I always said with approval: "The answer is very correct." From that moment on Marlboro Gold, I mentioned my confidence. Thank you, teacher, let me learn how to bring confidence.I can't forget, the students helped me with my innocent friendship and care. I remember that time, I took the exam papers and sat in the classroom with a sullen mood Newport Cigarettes Price. Good friend Xiaohong came over and asked with concern: "What's the matter with you? Is it uncomfortable?" I looked up and said, "No." After that, I handed the test paper to her Carton Of Cigarettes. She took the test paper and carefully read it again and said, "In fact, you can get a lot of points in this test paper. You see, these questions are all caused by carelessness... Nothing, failure is the mother of success!" She said, tears confused my eyes, I said gratefully: "Thank you, thank you for helping me analyze." Xiaohong smiled and said: "Friends help each other should be, what do you say thank you? "When she finished, she wiped the tears on her face for me, and both of us will smile happily." can't forget, the teachers and us went to the Zhigong to take the treasure; I can't forget, the students and I will get along with each other, learn together with me, laugh together; forget, run on campus happy; forget, write on campus The learning... can't be forgotten, every bit of the campus with the classmates, every footprint left on campus, every piece of life on campus.