Wednesday is the day we hope for

  • Wednesday is the day we hope for a long time, because in the afternoon, we have to hold a "cleanup" throughout the school. Although still under the sky Meng Meng autumn, but I can not hold back our excitement. After class, the time for the cleaning was up, the music was put on the radio, and the campus was boiling all oand." So we went with the tools! Some people take buckets, some take brooms, some take rags... . A huge team went downstairs in a neat pace, and the division of labor beg a tacit understanding. Please see, some people are sweeping the floor, some are cleaning the windows, some are dumping garbage, and others are mopping the floor... . The boys are very energetic, so they volunteered to change the water. Their eyes can be pointed. When they don��t change the water, they sweep the ground. As soon as they see the water in the bucket becomes dirty Carton Of Newports, they immediately put down the work at hand Newport Cigarettes Price, and they quickly Go to the queue to change the water. They are walking like a footstep, which also makes us clean anything. So, when I picked up the rag, I wiped the window, but the window was too high, and I couldn��t wipe it! Wang Xue, who was rubbing the railing, heard it. He grabbed the rag in my hand and said to me happily: "You go to the railing, let me clean the window!" I haven��t reacted yet Online Cigarettes, Wang Xue is like Like a flexible little squirrel, she climbed a dangerous rusty security net. Don't look at her short and small, she is still a girl, but her courage is no less than a boy. I saw that one hand grabbed the security net loosely, while the other hand skillfully wiped the window. In a short while, the dusty window was wiped clean by her, and the figure could be seen on the window! After wiping, Wang Xue jumpeso I rubbed the railing with Luo Chengfang Cigarette Tobacco For Sale. After rubbing it again, we found that the rag was all black and black, so disgusting, as if it hadn't been wiped foet - don't misunderstand, this is not sweat, it's all rain! However, we did not care, they were very excited, like playing "chicken blood", usually feel dirty and tired work, now we are rushing to do! Originally the boy swept the ground, but Luo Chengfang said that they were slow, and they went out in person. Sure enough, "the team leader has a horse, and one has to top two." After a while Marlboro Cigarettes Price, the commons will be cleaned up by us. After that, Luo Chengfang went down to pick up the rubbish. I cleaned up the public land again. When she came back, she was finished. Every one of our faces and clothes was dirty, but the face showed am, and the cleaning is over. This time, the cleansing of the rain in the face can bring us a lot of joy!