At night, the wind is blowing violentl

  • At night, the wind is blowing violently... God is crying... crying Jenny, the poor little girl.ought about it, he thought about it again and again, sighing again and again, finally, a perfect answer emerged. His eyes. He lifted the small ladder, picked up the plate and the brush, and walked under the corner of the wall that was originally covered with vine leaves. He fixed the ladder and climbed up step by step. Touching the wall, he painted the paint, only one color, dark green. He looked intently and concentrated on the painting "vine leaves." In an instant, he was slipped by the rain and fell heavily on the ground. At this time, the big rain of the bean covered his face and fell down. It is colder and the rain is getting bigger. He bit his teeth and grabbed a vine with his hand, making his strength and standing up. He slowly climbed up the ladder as if he was climbing Mount Everest. He stood on the top of the ladder. He was like a mountain and began to paint the "masterpiece." After painting for a long time, painting for a long time, finally, a piece of "real money" of the vine leaves was born How Much Is A Carton Of Newports, he smiled, staring at the piece of stalks, muttering to himself, simmering leaves leaping leaves. Suddenly, the rain washed it out. This is, the rain poured down and wet his clothes. Suddenly, the earth was quiet, and he took off his coat and blocked it. Windy and slap, slap on Mr. Berman��s shoulder, he continued to paint, and it was noisy around... After a long time, he painted, he did not go home, but stood quietly on the ladder, motionless I often coughed up, it was going to be dawn, and the rain was listening. He took things and went home. When he got home, he was particularly uncomfortable. He saw the mirror and was stunned by the appearance. His hair was open and his face was red Cigarette Tobacco For Sale. He lay in bed, smiled and slept forever, and closed his eyes forever. After the rain, Jenny woke up, and the mother didn't dare to open the curtains, because last night there was a heavy rain, the vine leaves should fall, and the daughter naturally had no confidence in life... When he opened the curtains, the mother and the son were shocked. Then, I caught a big mouth and a vine leaf, "dancing with the wind." Jenny also began to want to drink soup and eat Cigarette Online. After a few days, Jenny was sick. At this time Newport Cigarettes Website, she learned from her mother that Mr. Berman dthe green paint. She understood it. She cried, her mother cried, and the mother and son clung together. At this time, a rainbow appeared in the sky Marlboro Cigarettes Online, how bright it was, how charming it was.