• ook at the subject, you must be very surprised! "Four faces". Is there such a person? "Four faces and four faces" is actually my father's four tempersFirst face: gentlepeaking of my father's meekness in front of my mother, hey, I really don't know how to describe it. I don't know how docile I am compared to a rabbit.ey, I was still angry with my brother and I was talking about that angry father. At the moment of my mother��s entry, Dad��s face was as fast as ice on the fire Marlboro Cigarettes Online. In a flash, she turned into a smiley face and asked her how tired she is today and how busy she is Wholesale Cigarettes. When Dad asked his mother again, my brother and I really saw what was called ��speed.�� My brother and I had "speed" for Dad. Really convinced.Second Face: SeriousI do not know why, Dad sees her mother, just like a mouse to see a cat. The dad who just had her mom downstairs turned into a ��fighter�� who was scared to see people (including me and my brother). Hey, poor brother, I just escaped Dad��s palm and you were Daddy stared. Oh, no matter what you do, save me first! I flash! ! !Third Face: NaughtyIf you say that my dad is serious, I don't believe it, because some of my dad really makes me laugh and laugh Carton Of Cigarettes. do not know when Carton Of Newports, Dad's stomach rebellion (that is, Dad's stomach hurts in the past few months) Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, Dad also often complain of suffering. Going to the hospital to check this is tantamount to taking his father��s life because the doctor does not allow him to drink. He says that father��s drinking is not good for the stomach. It��s important to know that even though Dad��s wine is not good, he��ll be abstaining from