In this small holiday

  • In this small holiday, there are many rich stories; there are many fun stories; there are many warm stories... The little holiday mother took me to a DIY baking house, let me experience a fun of my own hands!cookie is the Dutch "koekie", which means "small cake". The cookies that I usually see in the cake shop are very attractive, I really want to do it myself. There was a chance, I went to the "Thousands of Words - Workshop", there are too many things to do: there are cakes, chocolates, cookies... When you enter the door, there is a burst of fragrance, like chocolate. It seems to be a matcha flavor, it seems to be a strawberry flavor, and it seems to be a banana flavor. I can��t tell you what it is. I made chocolate chip cookies and the owner took me upstairs. Wow! Too beautiful: love-shaped photo wall, small floral chair, white screen window... makes people feel relaxed and comfortable! I started making cookies. I used a chocolate mud group that I had already done to pick up a little bit, and then smash it into a ball, then flatten it and press it down with a mold to make a nice shape. There are many molds, they are very cute; five-pointed star, ice cream, strawberry, cherry, small wooden horse Buy Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping... I put them out neatly and sent them downstairs. The big sister downstairs put the cookies in the oven. After 20 minutes, my mother and I smelled the smell of chocolate. The big sister said to me with a smile: "Little sister Free Carton Of Newports, the cookies are baked." After a while, my mom and I both tasted each other after the song was cold. "It's delicious, just delicious!" Mom said happily, we all laughed.ragrant is the cookie, the sweetness is the result of our own efforts. Next time you must come back to this DIY baking house full of laughter!ryone has their own small study room. In their study, there is no adult discipline, no homework troubles, only endless happiness! Here, I will introduce my study - the bedroom.ll introduce my bedroom first. My bedroom can be called a utility room, because I have a lot of things to put. For example, on the bed, the toys are scattered under the sheets and sleep like they are in the ant nest Duty Free Marlboro Cigarettes.there seem to be hundreds of ants biting on the body, making me often wake up in the middle of the night, making sleep less.especially true on the computer desk. Teacups, paper towels, books, almost occupied a large position, the printer did not have to put. Don't talk about garbage. The garbage in the bedroom is as high as a hill. I often invite rats, and I will come to the carnival. In the middle of the night, the noise is simply a sawing foot Newports Wholesale. I am really worried about when the bed will break.bedroom is finished, now I am happy how I am! day after school, I dropped my schoolbag on the computer desk, and my homework was casual. I started my book adventure. I have put a few books in the "grocery heap", including my favorite "Wolf King Dream". and many more. I opened the "Wolf King's Dream", the content of the story: "A female wolf is purple, in order to train a new generation of wolf king, I have worked hard, and finally got the body of four little male wolves Wholesale Cigarette, the female wolf thoroughly Crash. For the wolf king, Zi Yan does not hesitate to sacrifice his lover, (Karuru), to his daughter. Finally, his, I burst into tears and couldn��t help but think of my mother. She wasted a great youth for me and taught me. I didn't appreciate it, and often lost her temper for a little thing. I am very sorry now, I can't wait to go back in time, serve my mother well!ot in the story often makes me worry. They beat their opponents and I cheered with them. They are having trouble and I am bothered with animal books most, because this theme is the easiest to pierce the outer shell of human culture and the hypocritical appearance of civilized society. It can directly express the original life of ugly and beautiful without any cover. Although human culture and social civilization have continued to evolve with the changes of the times, the cruel competition in life, the tenacious survival and the most spiritual core of glory will never change. So animal novels are my favorite!