he summer vacation is

  • he summer vacation is over, and my long-awaited wish has finally come true. With my parents, I went to Beidaihe to see the sea with the tour group. Sitting on a luxury bus for more than four hours, I didn't sleep for a minute. I was probably filled with the desire and hope for the sea, supporting me. As the destination gets closer and closer, the air becomes a bit strange. It feels like a touch of salty and fishy smell in the breath. This is probably the unique atmosphere of the sea! After arriving at the destination, I simply arranged the accommodation, and I couldn't wait to change my swimsuit to urge my parents to go to the beach together. From the hotel to the seaside scenic spot about 15 minutes away, there are hotels and restaurants everywhere, the streets are very clean Newports 100S, no dust, which is directly related to the perennial humid air, the streets are full of various craft products. Shangting. As big as the dolphins model, as small as the shell pearls, there should be all kinds of colors. I dare not appreciate the dazzling commodity world. Instead, I took my parents to speed up the journey to the sea. the tide of the sea became louder and louder, we turned the corner of the street and suddenly opened our eyes. The first thing that comes to your attention is the wide beaches and the countless visitors who wear a variety of colors and styles. There are also many blond foreign friends. I pulled my legs and ran to the beach. I stepped on the soft sand and my feet were very itchy, but it was very hot. I heard that my father said that it is almost ripe to bury eggs on the beach. I listened and laughed and said, I want to make cooked eggs so simple!ding on the beach and seeing the endless sea, my heart seems to be rolling with the waves, and I am somewhat overwhelmed. The dazzling sun shines on the sea, and the rippling water is divided into thousands of golden lights. On top of the head are groups of seagulls. The arrows generally fly and dive at the bottom. They are happy and screaming when they are doing all kinds of difficult flying movements on the sea Cigarettes Online Store. Looking far and wide, I saw the sea meet, all in one, the end of the eyes, can not tell which is the sea, which is the sky, really open-minded, refreshing.h the encouragement of Mom and Dad Marlboro Lights Cigarettes, I carefully walked into the water, watching the stirring waves gradually rising in the calf, over the navel Marlboro Cigarettes Sale, I was so happy that I raised my hands and shouted: "OK! OK!" I was poured into my mouth by a mouthful of water, wow! It��s bitter and awkward, it��s so sad!t the whole three days in laughter and laughter. We enjoyed swimming, playing in the water, piled up various beach buildings on the beach, picked up sea shells, conch, stones... occasionally on the beach, quiet, quiet It��s really fun to enjoy the joys, sorrows and sorrows of the sea...ime is always short, and the three-day trip to the sea is coming to an end. I leave my happy laughter to the waves, and the sea keeps its majestic momentum and broad mind forever. I am happy in my childhood memories.tock of your three-day harvest and find that happiness is ubiquitous in life. "Looking at the sea, playing in the water, picking up the shells," is just a part of happiness. It is the theme of happiness and eternality to get in touch with new things Cheapest Marlboro Cigarettes Free Shipping, ng on the way home, there is not much regret and reluctance. I believe that as long as I study hard and grow up healthily, I will hat time, I hope to start school, so that I can share my happy experiences and experiences with every classmate one day!