Chen Xinfeng can be described as th

  • Chen Xinfeng can be described as the "celebrity" thief of our class. His stealing technology has made me admire the five bodies. However, the powerful stealing technology is not the only one of my "Detective Conan". My technology is unique.hat day, the "celebrity" finished eating lunch in the cafeteria and ran to the "secret base." There are all my "treasures" hidden inside. I have actually seen him in, and I am not afraid of screaming. In the evening, I returned to the "secret base" and found that there was a box of "pearls" and a large box of "gold". There were six bags of "gold" in a large box of "gold". When I lost so much, I rummaged through the cabinet. All the people checked it, and Chen Xinfeng was left. He just said: "I don't have..." He hid a bag under the bed Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes. On the third day, Chen Xinfeng was punished by the teacher. I took out the parcel and found my "treasure" as soon as I opened it. Unfortunately, it was too late. He has spent two of my "pearls" and two small bags of "gold", but I was eventually caught by me.lly a "celebrity" thief, the person who can conceal my "Detective Conan" for three days and three nights has not yet been born, but he has created this miracle, but it is really a "celebrity" thief. He has changed it now, but I still think in my heart: Chen Xinfeng is a "celebrity" thief Marlboro Gold, afraid that he will steal things again! It shines like a pearl, and although the ear looks small, it is very sensitive, and the slight and small sound can be heard clearly. He is smart and charismatic. When he got angry, he pulled down a face, raised his mouth, stared at you with white eyes Newport Cigarettes, and his face was angry, which made me laugh and cry!remember once, doing the same thing as usual. But the children of our family, he told me that I was secretly eating a chocolate when I was doing my homework Online Cigarettes. When I saw my brother sneaking and wondering what to do, I stepped out of the room and went there Carton Of Newports. When he saw it, I reached out and smiled at me. I said softly: "Why are you mysteriously extending your hand to the back?" He said with a sigh: "!" Hey, he told me to be called by my mother to help, and then began to eat all the chocolate. I went to see him again. His face was covered in black. He was embarrassed to say, "Sister, I accidentally ate chocolate." This scene makes me laugh and cry!