This morning, a bitter cold

  • This morning, a bitter cold wind blew, and I stood by the nest waiting for the arrival of Hu Ocean. In a short while, the bitter cold wind blew. I really couldn't help it, I went into the nest and enjoyed a little warmth. After 20 minutes, Hu Haihai arrived as scheduled Marlboro Lights, came to the small nest and took out a whole bag of meat and bones. I was so excited that I quickly stood up and rushed to the foot of Hu Ocean, shaking my article desperately. The soft tail, Hu Haiyang Newport Cigarettes Website, in order to train my conditioning, "hypnosis" over and over again: "Afu, if you sit down, I will give you a whole bag of meat and bones!!!" Still can't understand what people said, they rushed to Hu Haiyang's body, ready to make the A plan: "set close" strategy. Hu Haiyang completely ignored my "trick" and continued "hypnosis." I was a little anxious, and I yelled at Hu��s ocean and prepared to use Plan B: the storm strategy. I jumped up and grabbed Hu Hai's bag with small claws. Hu Hai's reaction was faster than me. He grabbed the first one second and raised the height of the bag from about 1 meter to about 1. 5 meters. Seeing that the meat and bones could not be obtained, I had lost the confidence to get the meat and bones and sat on the ground. I didn��t expect Hu Haiyang to see me sit down, open the bag and put a lot of meat and bones into me. In the rice bowl Marlboro Gold. I am very happy, usually shaking my tail and eating delicious food. I have always been called "big stomach king" by Hu Haiyang, and I have eaten all the food in 15 the meal, I scratched Hu Haiyang's pants with small claws and gestured for him to run with me. Hu Haiyang was puzzled. He went to the room and asked Yang Yusheng, or the owner knew the dog's thoughts best. Yang Yusheng let Hu Haiyang take me out, run with me and exercise. Hu Haiben didn't want to run with me, but I used my "killer": eye attack, looking at Hu Hai with super innocent eyes. Hu Ocean is helpless and can only take me running. At the beginning, Hu Haiyang ran very fast. I couldn't catch up with him. After running for a few laps, Hu Haiyang, who had joined the "obese people," had physical exhaustion and squatted on the ground. Hu Haiyang replaced Yang Yusheng. In his position, Yang Yusheng saw that Hu Haiyang had been running so hard Cigarettes Online, and he agreed. Yang Yusheng��s running is really amazing. He is like a tireless horse galloping in the yard. Yang Yusheng let me run, I had to run, after running for 30 minutes, I sat on the ground because of serious physical overdraft.wear, I will never run again in the future! ! ! Editor's Note: If there is a reader who wants to see the dog, you can go to Jinfeng Real Estate Company, 50 meters away from the Beitang Traffic Police Brigade, Shengtan Road. Yang Yusheng is waiting for you at any time!iendly reminder: the dog's teeth are often sharp Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, and children should never touch him! Otherwise, the consequences are at your own risk! ! !