From the day I was born, m

  • From the day I was born, my grandmother came out to take care of me from my hometown. I have grown up in the past 12 years and I am sensible, but my grandmother is old, but still so kind and amiable, I care about a big family. ! It is even more meticulous to me! Grandma let me grow from a young bud into a small tree, let me andma is so good! When I was at school, my grandmother didn't trust me to go to school alone. I always sent it to me. In the past 9 years, I have been doing this every day.was a dark night, it was raining heavily, I started a high fever, my grandmother drove me to the hospital in heavy rain, but I caught a cold. My grandmother saw that I had a fever, and I smiled happily. My heart was warm. !emember for a while, my appetite was not very good, even though I saw big fish prawns, I didn't want to eat. Grandma knows, I want to do all the things, don't let me eat fried things, I have to eat light, but despite this, I still can't eat anything, my grandmother is dying, and finally I think of a way to let me eat. Pomegranate, grandma one by one peeled the pomegranate seeds in the bowl for me to eat, I saw the rough hands of my grandmother Marlboro Gold, I was moved to cry, I thought my grandmother paid so much for me! From a pair of white hands to a rough hand! In this way, I have eaten pomegranate seeds for a few days. I have a good appetite and can eat a few big bowls! last few days of the graduation exam, my grandmother always called me to get up early, what about her? I cooked breakfast for me in the kitchen. I always accompanied my homework in the evening and wrote it at one o'clock in the morning Cigarettes Cheaper, but my grandmother never complained!n it rains, other students only have a schoolbag and go home in the rain, what about me? But Grandma came to pick me up. When it��s cold, I always ask me to add clothes. When the results drop, I always encourage me, let me work hard, don��t be discouraged! I have a dad, she has a big pair of eyes, and a mouth that can say laughter, it can make big things smaller, and the little things are gone.member that one of my exams was not ideal. My father��s discipline was strict and I was afraid that my ass would suffer. So when I got home, I began to cry. My father said, ��The weather is so sunny today, but the house is raining? I can��t go to the top of the building. See if it leaks?" I listened to my father's words and the cry disappeared. Dad asked: "What happened to Da Wenhao? I said, "Let's take a look at English: 20 points." Dad said: "Yes, it's a big writer in my family. I got two big eggs. What is so good to cry, today I will let your mother cook these two eggs. "I picked up the math again: 54 points, Dad said: "This score can be unlucky. Can you take a test of 100? Then I can eat two eggs and one noodle, and I came back. When she came back, she saw her fiercely pushing the wallet to the wall. Dad said: Why don��t you go with your wallet? "Mom said: "I obviously have 300 yuan Carton Of Cigarettes. I bought a bag and spent 190 yuan. There should be 110 yuan, but only 30 yuan Cigarettes For Sale." "Dad said: "What was it at the time? It turned out that it was 80 yuan lost. Really, it was a big surprise Cigarettes Online." This can make my mother get angry. Do you think that money is easy to get? I am not a rich man. Mom said angrily. Dad said that it might be so boring in your bag, scared out and breathable, and then ran on his long legs!