In a forest, a white cat and

  • In a forest, a white cat and a rabbit live, they are good friends.ce, when the white cat and the rabbit were playing in the forest Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, the rabbit accidentally fell into a whirlpool. At that time, the white cat was very anxious, but it thought of a way to find the mandarin who had the mana in the forest.oking for Xian Weng, how easy is it? The white cat came to the depths of the jungle and saw a rattan-shaped monster in front Parliament Cigarettes. The monster blocked the way of the white cat and said, "Where are you going? Is it going to find the fairy? If you want to find the fairy, you must pass me."he white cat asked: "So how are you willing to give way? The monster said: "Your tail is good, give me a toy to play! Lend your tail to me! If you don't want to, you can't see the fairy." white cat said without hesitation: "As long as I can save the rabbit, I am willing." monster pulled the white cat's tail down Carton Of Newports. The white cat shed a lot of blood, but it didn't cry, but bravely saved its partner.y through, the sea was in front of the white cat. The sea said, "Are you going to find the fairy? Go through me. I want your eyes."white cat said, "Okay, as long as you can save the rabbit." white cat came to an end, and Xian Weng appeared. He said, "White cat, your friend is not dead. You saved him. Go back!"denly, the white cat came back, eyes and tail came back, and the rabbits came back. They lived happily ever after. noon today, I fell asleep with the rain of the drip.n I woke up, I saw a tall, straight tree standing in front. I curiously touched the branches of the old tree Marlboro Gold. The old tree said indignantly: "Don't t happened to us humans, how do you say this to us?" I said with conviction.stroy our beautiful home, hurt our brothers, and hurt the mother of the earth. I hate you." When the tree was finished, it began to cry.'t believe, how can we humans hurt you?" I shouted loudly.ou humans have not hurt us, then why does Earth Mother want to cause volcanic eruptions, tsunami, etc. To remind you? We are already scarred, and the disaster that comes to the earth will eventually come to humans." Dumb said.denly, the earth is shaking, the earth is breaking, I am so scared that I woke up, recalling my previous injuries to the big tree: littering, chaosing grass, slashing trees, wasting water, wasting electricity Marlboro Cigarettes Price... I yelled: "I want to protect the earth, protect resources, protect Mother Earth. Stop others from harming Mother Earth." Suddenly, I opened my eyes and saw my mother. turned out that I was just dreaming, even though it was just a dream, but it told us to protect the earth and act!