On April 1st, April 1st, I finally

  • On April 1st, April 1st, I finally hoped for your arrival! Today is April Fool's Day, walking on the way to school, I am excited to think.When I walked into the classroom and looked around, everything was "smooth," and the students didn't seem to realize the mad and ridiculous holiday of today. In my heart, I was stunned and put down my schoolbag. I said to the back seat, Ye Hao, "I am going!" "Your! Your bag is gone." Ye Hao rushed to squat, and of course he found himself being fooled. She was so angry that she was flushed: "Flies (my hate nickname), you stand for me!" I laughed and went to the men's toilet - the refuge, yelling: "Happy April Fool's Day!"Back to the classroom, I loudly told Chen and Yu Yu: "The teacher told you to go to the office!" After my heart was a little surprised, Chen Heyu told me early that he knew that today is April Fool's Day, not to mention that my "acting skills" was so bad Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, he must Will not be fooled. I walked aside with boringness. I didn't expect it. He really stood up and walked into the teacher's office. I managed to hold back my smile and hurry to hide behind the door. I thought: This is a good show. Sure enough, after ten seconds, he returned with anger. "Dead flies! You give me out!" I was shocked: I was miserable, and the jokes were big! Chen Heyu turned his head and saw the door trembled. He sneered and pulled me out to "shoulder" a meal. Straight "flat" got me "eyes staring at the Venus" and could not tell the difference between the southeast and the northwest.lways others are fooled by me, why no one is fooling me? Disappointing! I sullenly sat down on the stool Marlboro Gold Pack. "Hey! Chen wins, Jiang Xinke took your pen!" "Hmm?" I glared at the same table. "I don't have it!" Jiang Xinke shouted Parliament Cigarettes. I swept my eyes and was shocked: Isn't the pen in my own hands? ! I am so discouraged! "Which mixed ball!" I angered and rushed to the crown, only to see Chen Heyu fell on the table and laughed. Ugh! Who told me to relax my vigilance! I thought about myself.he classmates have been fooled, eaten too much Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online, will not go to the second time, or go to the fool teacher! After school, I just saw the math teacher carrying the bag downstairs. I adjusted my emotions, held back my smile, and said to the teacher loudly: "Teacher, your bag is gone!" The teacher believed it was true and bent down subconsciously Carton Of Marlboro Reds. "Haha! I wish the teacher a happy holiday!" "Festival? What is today?" "Today is a fool - a man - a festival!" I ran away with a smog, leaving