One day at noon, I hurried back

  • One day at noon, I hurried back to school after I left school. I just entered the door and suddenly felt my foot slipping, and I fell to the ground. At first glance, it turned out to be two bags of beans. At this time, my grandmother came out and complained: "I have just separated and you have messed up the red mung beans." sprinkled the red and green beans on the table and divided them. I was impatient and took the table angrily Newport 100S. At this time, all the mung beans fell to the ground, and most of the red beans were on the table. I am very easy to separate. However, why is this happening? Why didn't red beans roll down? I am very curious about this phenomenon. the evening, I was in a hurry to finish my meal and couldn't wait to know why. I took out some red beans and some mung beans and messed them up again. All of them were sprinkled on the table. At this time, they were still divided into two teams in an orderly manner. "Is it going to be that the coffee table is too slippery and slipping down?" I guessed.I poured the red and green beans into a piece of land covered with pebbles, and they still "reciprocate" each other. I was shocked by this phenomenon. their shape caught my attention. I picked up a red bean and a mung bean and compared them to each other How Much Is A Carton Of Newports. Found: the original red beans are not round, mung beans are round. When I sprinkled them together, because the mung beans were round, they fell to the ground, and the red beans were not round, so only a small part fell to the ground. In memory, the interesting things in childhood are like the stars in the sky, and the number is countless. As time went by, some things gradually faded away, and some things were printed in my mind but could not be erased. Today, I will write one of them for everyone to listen to!remember when I was six years old, I was reading a small class for children. One Sunday, I was playing in the living room, holding a plastic "golden hoop" to learn Sun Dasheng, standing on the board for a while to "cend up and down", and then raised a stick to learn "sticky goblin", and then learn again From Yang Zirong, he carried a wooden submachine gun and "swept the thousand troops Marlboro Gold."mother smelled the buzzing sound in the living room in the bathroom and asked if I was doing it. I didn't dare to scream, I had to take care of it, and crept into the washroom. The thief thief probed the brain and saw her mother in the laundry clothes. As she smashed her clothes, there were many transparent small bubbles in the basin. Colorful under the illumination of the lights, it looks great. I looked quite interesting. I grabbed the bubble with my hand, grabbed it on the left, and grabbed it on the right. However, when the bubble hits the finger, it will be shattered. Even if it is gently grasped, it will be shattered Online Cigarettes, although I am always working hard. It��s not enough to catch it. I was a little anxious, turning around and using a force, the laundry tub under my feet turned over. My mother was so angry and funny, I had to run away in vaina blink of an eye, on a Sunday, I felt bored at home alone, and suddenly remembered the matter of catching bubbles, and I was uplifted. I thought that my mother was brewing white powder with hot water. I went to the kitchen to find white powder. I tried to brew with hot water. I thought about it and I would have a lot of colored bubbles floating out. There is no dirty clothes to wash, I put my little handkerchief into the basin, and squatted, but I didn��t float the small bubbles, but the hand made a sticky call. I don't know why, my heart is anxious and angry. At this moment, my mother came back and asked me what happened. I told the mother about it. My mother couldn��t help but smile. I used my fingers to gently click on my head. ��Stupid child, you are taking the stpy. As the stars move, childhood is gradually fading away. The naive and interesting things of childhood can still be reminiscent of laughter. The above anecdote, then my mother told me the truth: to do things, first of all to figure out the truth, can not be moved according to the hard, otherwise it will make jokes, and even make mistakes Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes. Therefore, this matter has made me unforgettable