Top Amazing Benefits of Using Rattan Furniture

  • Rattan has firmly positioned itself as an outdoor furniture staple, and for good reason too. rattan Garden Lounge Set comes in a number of designs and colours that can integrate well with any modern or contemporary home design, outdoor area and poolside setting. So whether you’re in the market for a sleek looking sofa, day bed or sun lounge – rest assured that rattan will meet your practical and aesthetic needs.

    Have Light Weight

    When compared to furniture from other materials such as solid wood, furniture made from rattan weighs much lighter. Because it is lightweight, this type of furniture can be shifted and moved everywhere easily. For example just a baby crib like the picture above made of rattan.

    If you have a rattan baby crib, you don’t need to buy 2 cribs to be placed in the nursery and in a private room. You simply lift it or move it when needed.

    To be more safe and comfortable for your child, place the mattress on the base and also a pillow around the crib. You can choose a mat upholstery with cute colors and patterns to make the box look sweeter.

    Traditional design

    Rattan is not the same as wicker; rattan refers to the strong vine material whilst rattanis a description of the centuries old techniques used to craft furniture. The woven design is instantly recognisable as a traditional design which has been around for an extremely long time, and is as popular now as it was in the past.

    Contemporary look

    Although rattan is a very traditional material used to create woven natural pieces of furniture, it has been updated to create a very funky and contemporary style. With the use of minimalistic colours and patterns on the upholstery, modern rattan looks very different to furniture of the past and is unmistakably a fashion-forward piece of decor.

    Easily Repairable

    Reparability is one thing every buyer should ascertain before buying a piece of garden furniture. As you may be aware, there are those types of furniture that cannot be repaired. In case they break, the only option is to dispose of them – something that rattan garden dining set saves you from. You can repair them with ease in case they break or deform. All you need is boiled linseed oil and a brush.

    Suitable for interior design

    Rattan is particularly known for being suitable for use in the garden but it's also a superb material for household furniture too. Traditionally used in the conservatory, rattan is starting to appear in rooms all over the house because of its unique qualities which can't be replicated by other materials. Looking elegant and being totally functional are no longer mutually exclusive thanks to rattan design.

    DurableThe durability of rattan furniture can last a very long time. Quite diligent in cleaning it from dust and not often being placed close to the sun, then furniture like this dining chair can continue to be passed on to your children and grandchildren.


    A premium material, rattan is certainly not cheap and cheerful, but compared to other materials, it's an extremely economical buy. Not only is this because the purchase price is very competitive, but also because it lasts so long. This durability means that you won't have to replace it as quickly, making what you pay for it a truly worthwhile investment.

    Easy to clean

    Wipe down regularly to remove dust and dirt, Use a gentle powerwash when needed, Spot clean cushions with gentle furniture cleaner

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