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Africa are building 'great walls'

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    March 15, 2021 2:04 PM EET

    t borrows its name from the massive stone structure built by the Qin Dynasty. But the purpose of the Green Great Wall is not to hold back the barbarians — it's to stop the ever-encroaching deserts.To get more news about rope mesh green wall, you can visit official website.

    "About a quarter of all of China's land mass is desert, and those deserts, up until very recently, were expanding; they were growing at the rate of about 1,000 square miles per year," journalist and author Vince Beiser says.It's a desertification rate that has laid waste to vast swathes of valuable farmland and regularly choked the suburbs of Beijing in clouds of dust.

    When completed, the Green Great Wall will stretch more than 4,800 kilometres across the north of China, forming a living barrier along the edge of the giant Gobi Desert.The 50-year project involves the planting of more than 88 billion trees and the results so far, says Beiser, have been "amazing".

    "You can drive through areas where they have planted just millions and millions and millions of trees," he says.

    "I stood on top of a hillside in one place in inner Mongolia and as far as you could see it was desert land that had obviously been forested."It's sold as a great patriotic effort to tame nature. And its success, to date, has relied on the involvement of tens of thousands of farmers and landholders following a regimented master plan.

    "There's one area in the Kubuqi … they built this brand-new road through the desert, and all the way along the road for miles and miles and miles it's lined with trees," Beiser says."And then just behind those rows, is just sand, just sand as far as you can see."