Introduction To The Dangers That Fiber Optic Splice Closure May


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    Damage caused by the cable discussion box:

    The discussion of optical fiber strengthens the hot melt temperature of the materials and supplements received by the cherished pieces at 120 ° C, the thermal softening temperature is 90 ° C, and can be temporarily used at -40 ° C ~ +60 ° C temperature. Its primary function is to realize the continuation of the fiber optic cable, and to discuss the grounding effect of the fiber optic cable. The internal grounding assembly and the grounding part of the optical cable should be in electrical communication, and the metal components and grounding assembly of the optical cable discussion box and the optical cable reinforcing core are included. Between each other, in order to avoid the impact of the situation on the cable discussion box. In the case of indecent, because the use of optical cable discussion boxes is based on the outside, their use is mostly buried, crowded or pipelined. In order to guard against the impact of lightning strikes or other identities, it is required that the "voltage withstand strength" of the cable discussion box must meet the requirement of 15 volts DC voltage in the scale, no breakdown within 1 minute, and no arcing sign. Therefore, high requirements are placed on the planning and application of the flow and grounding assembly of the optical cable discussion box. The quality of the lightning protection facilities indirectly determines the probability that the cable junction box will be hindered. After the construction is laid, the test is for the inspection and release process, and it is used as a check before the continuation; the test in the continuation is to check whether the low consumption is reached; after the continuation, the test of the unit cable segment is completed. It is in the process of checking whether it is the preparation of the total attenuation of the transmission and the corresponding requirements of the total baseband, as a preparation for the total adjustment of the adjacent optical transceiver. Single mode fiber is characterized by a dispersion coefficient to characterize the dispersion. In addition, the new architecture introduces the principle of multi-fiber business terminals (MST) and meeting splices, and the cable discussion box further reduces initial support costs. Finally, when the technicians are protecting, repairing, and opening business, the two basic areas that are being collected by the FTTP—the interface between the feeder segment and the distribution equipment—the interface between the equipment and the outdoor fiber optic cable of the outdoor equipment— Using the adjacent device will make the access easy and low.

    Cable installation box installation requirements:

    1, all kinds of socket panels should have a logo. The color, graphics, pen and ink performance of the terminal equipment business examples.

    2. The fiber adjacent to the device and the adapter bottom box of the fiber optic cable in the area should have sufficient space and should meet the planning requirements.

    3. The location of the suspect module, the multi-user cable terminal box, the connection point wiring module, the installation pattern and the height should meet the requirements of the plan.

    4. When the installation is in the local board or in the air, the flow should be discussed in the box, the suspect panel accepts the erection and degree, the junction box cover can be opened, and should have waterproof, dustproof and anti-pressure effects, the junction box cover The surface should be flush with the air.

    5. When the cable connector box bottom box is installed with the suspect module and the power socket at the same time, the spacing and the receiving protective facilities should meet the plan requirements.

    6. The flow method of the optical cable discussion box base should be determined according to the detailed premise of the on-site construction. It can be installed by shrinking screws, nails and other essentials. The flow requirements of the bottom box of the doubt module are determined by the premise of the construction site.

    7. Install the fiber optic cable discussion box on the wall, and its position should be more than 300 mm in the air. When the local board is being accepted in the air in the room. The cable terminal box should be 300 mm outside the local board.

    8. The flow screw needs to be tightened, and no loose signs should occur. The installation of the base, the suspect module and the panel should be firm and stable, and there should be no signs of looseness. The panel should be connected to a certain extent, so that the panel is neat and tidy.

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