Green Telecom's Fiber Optic Splice Closure Rectilinear Details


    Green Telecom is a company specializing in the production of communication equipment such as Fiber Optic Splice Closure .

    The linear joint box designed for the continuous and sealed protection of the optical cable in the communication external network can be applied to various occasions such as overhead, pipeline and direct burial. The linear connector box is equipped with cable entry accessories and a large number of fiber splice trays with a maximum capacity of 96 cores (band 192 cores).

    The box body is sealed with adhesive strips, which can be repeatedly opened many times without replacing the sealing material, meeting the three basic elements of the FTTH network. Its main features are as follows:

    1. Mechanical gel sealing, linear design, suitable for various applications such as overhead, pipeline, direct burial.

    2. There are two optical cable inlets at each end, and the cable accessories are available for selection.

    3, suitable for all types of fiber optic cable. For example, a stranded cable, a center bundle tube, or a skeleton cable.

    4, generally used for 12-72 core cable connection, the limit capacity can be extended to 192 cores.

    5, the cable entrance is sealed with gel strip, no need to heat, no need to replace the sealing material.

    6. Since the entire box is sealed with a strip of glue, no special tools are required to open or close, and it is not necessary to repeatedly open the kit.

    7. It adopts convenient buckle device, and its snap-on design facilitates the installation and repeated opening of the joint box. Reduces the operator's troubles of screwing. The effect of the factor on the sealing performance is further reduced.

    8, flip-type welding plate, easy to find the light path and cut. And there are multiple styles of flip-type splice trays to choose from.

    9. According to the needs, the flip-type welding plate can be placed on the beam splitter.

    10. Valves and grounding wires can be installed to meet the requirements of trunk network.

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