DOME Fiber Closure Of Detailed Analysis


    Green Telecom's products are mainly related to communication. The main products are DOME Fiber Closure , Fiber Optic Splice Closure, Inline Closure, Fiber Closure and the like.

    The whole set of plastic parts is made of scientifically formulated high-strength PC engineering plastics, which can be used for a long time in the natural environment of -40 ° C ~ +65 ° C.
    Size: vertical (height × bottom diameter) 415 * 190mm
    The cable access holes are: 2 holes, 4 holes, 6 holes, 8 holes, 12 holes.
    Installable cable diameter: Φ5mm~Φ20mm
    Capacity: minimum capacity 4 core maximum capacity 144 core
    Standard accessories: splice tray, cable fixture, seals, wall fixtures.
    Optional accessories: heat shrinkable tube, nylon cable tie, insulating tape, special wrench, etc.
    Installation method: wall-mounted and pole-mounted.
    Siamese seals: High-quality imported elastomer rubber sealing material is used, and the mold is molded once, so that the joint surface of the product is seamless, the sealing performance is guaranteed, and the repeated opening, repeated use and convenient construction can be achieved.
    End blocking piece: used to block the excess hole of the cable connecting box, maintain good air tightness and water tightness inside the box, and effectively protect the fiber and connector in the box. The device is not easy to fall off, detachable and easy to install.
    Grounding lead-out device: The metal component in the cable in the box is led out to ground for protection.
    Cable fixing device: used for fixing the optical cable to the base and fixing the optical cable reinforcing component. The first is the fixing of the cable reinforcement core inside; the second is the fixing of the cable and the support frame; the third is that the cable and the connector box are sealed and fixed by the heat shrinkable jacket.
    Splice tray: used for welding, branching and disc storage of optical fibers; discs can be stacked, flexible in configuration and easy to install.
    Scope of use: 1 Widely used in communication, network systems, CATV cable TV, optical cable network systems, etc. Straight-through and branch connections for overhead, pipeline, direct burial, etc., can be buried, overhead, pipelines, human wells Hanging wall use; 2 connection in the terminal room of the structural cable.
    ★ Remarks: The fiber optic cable connection box is generally suitable for indoor or non-open outdoor use. It is not suitable for outdoor use. If it is used, protective measures should be taken. The above dimensions are regular sizes, and unconventional sizes can be customized according to customer requirements.
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