Aalysis Of Inline Closure's Box Sealing And Disassembly Methods


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    Box seal
    1. Box package: Close the valve tip and the grounding screw before the box is packaged. ★ Insert the sealing strip into the sealing groove around the box body; ★ Insert the sealing strip into the groove at the “U” groove at both ends of the joint box. Note: Use a sealing strip and do not pull the sealing strip artificially to avoid leakage.

    2. Gently close the top cover of the joint box and screw in the fastening bolts. The tightening sequence is tightened according to the number indicated on the cover, and the torque is tightened to a torque of 25 N·m.

    3. After 5 minutes, tighten with a torque wrench and the torque still reaches 25N·m.
    Cover removal

    1. Loosen the 10 fastening bolts in sequence, and the cover and seat are still together.

    2. Insert four fastening bolts into the four corners of the box, and screw them symmetrically and evenly into the top cover to separate the cover and the seat up to 6mm.