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    HYT H4 Neo Watch

    HYT is known for its liquid and bellows method, and the recent HYT H0 release is more subtle - if you can call any brand to produce "subtle" things - HYT H4 Neo appears exactly the opposite: almost Yang to H0 yin. The H4 Neo received some similar hints from the previous H4 Metropolis, including more Matrix booties, and the H4 Neo placed two purple LEDs behind the 6 o'clock position.

    The HYT H4 Neo has two crowns. The crown at 2 o'clock is the standard crown for your time. The second crown at 4 o'clock is used to generate energy. When the user winds the second crown, the second mainspring is wound and the power is stored in the micro-generator. When the crown is pushed, the power is distributed to two purple LED lights that illuminate highly illuminating "nanoparticles" throughout the transparent dial. Although the hour indicator on the bezel and the minute indicator on the dial have been coated with white Super-LumiNova material, and the fluid time indicator is essentially luminous, each nuance and detail of the HYT is unique when the light is activated. The caliber lighting and highlighting will not hinder legibility. In fact, it enhances URWERK UR-103 replica Watches

    Mechanically generating power outside the mainspring is not a new concept. It is worth noting that the minute repeater typically uses a very similar mechanism to power the mechanism, allowing the wearer to determine the time in the dark. Is it fair to compare it with the minute repeater? May not. But the final outcome is the same. Telling time in the dark is easier and doesn't require a battery.

    The watch is 51 mm high and 18 mm high. Unlike HYT's latest H0 series, the 6 o'clock highlight is back, and there is a bezel that brings back the typical DNA typical of the entire HYT series. It’s hard not to notice the similarities between this watch and the HYT H4 Metropolis in 2015 (the actual operation associated with it), because these two watches are actually brothers and sisters of H4 Neo, bringing more A lot of futuristic atmosphere - especially with the Matrix-esque hour number. These two watches seem to have led the original energy of H1 since Franck Muller Conquistador replica watches

    Charcoal grey, DLC coated titanium case with HYT standard black and green theme, purple light adds a certain size to the watch, which is not always obvious in previous designs. The HYT exclusive movement uses its standard micro-liquid technology. At a higher level, the mechanical movement uses a bellows with colored liquid and a bellows with a transparent liquid at the bottom of the movement. Over time, as the person presses, the liquid moves slowly within the glass tube, showing time along the outer edge of the dial. The H4 has a cutout design that is visible through the transparent dial and is suitable for the overall theme of the watch.

    HYT H4 Neo is equipped with a fabric belt that is fire resistant, waterproof, hypoallergenic and reinforced. This watch features curved sapphire crystal and a spiral sapphire case (the picture will be posted when we get it) and is water resistant to 50 meters. Even with the second charge spring, the watch has a 65-hour power reserve.

    There is no doubt that the HYT H4 Neo has been created. There is no subtle component, but this is what people like about HYT. I can say with certainty that for me and my pencil wrist, this watch may not be feasible without a large number of consecutive Thanksgiving dinners. However, I must admit that I think this is very interesting. There is no doubt that this is a niche buyer and HYT is absolutely owned - which makes it very difficult to criticize brands and the products they produce. They understand their markets and design their timepieces accordingly. HYT H4 Neo is certainly not for everyone, but I bet those who are jealous of them will be very HYT H1 replica watches

    HYT WATCHES: Exploring nanotechnology

    Modern watch studios have transformed from a "factory-like" look to something like a "science lab." You may not see those who look like workers. However, you may encounter some white doctors. Brands such as Urwerk and MB&F have fully integrated the concept of watchmaking into different areas. However, there is still a brand, a brand that is so unique that it has been able to occupy a place in this exquisite high-end watchmaking world. Ladies and gentlemen, look at the HYT watch. If I bring a person who doesn't know the watch into the studio, I won't blame the person who thinks that the person working at HYT is a scientist and healed the ZIKA virus. The level of technological progress that has been achieved is staggering.

    If we summarize HYT in a simple term, it is - HydroMechanical Timepieces. Hydro has appeared prominently in the creation of HYT. why? Because HYT has been able to conquer one of the largest nemesis in humans - water. The time spent with water is not new. What is new, this concept has never been applied to watches/watches. The same co-founder of the maverick Patrick Berdoz thinks this is an amazing opportunity. He and the reliable team including nuclear engineer Lucien Vouillamoz have developed an innovative fluid system and launched HYT, which is a The watch brand exists as a timepiece for the production of fluid mechanics.discounts replica watches for sale

    The theory behind the brand's broken timepieces is two non-uniform liquids that flow from the bellows through the capillary and through a mechanical movement to specify the time on the dial. Without the help of HYT's sisters, with the help of the brand Preciflex, it is impossible to implement complex innovation systems. Preciflex produces liquid indicating devices for the medical, design and automotive sectors, a true science company that provides technical solutions. Both companies are chaired by Berdoz. A brand that marked 2012 as the year of birth has established its name in the early days of the high-end watch industry.

    A basic watch called H1. Therefore, they are not cheap in any imagination. The company produces only a few hundred mechanical masterpieces a year. Therefore the brand will not play mass production games. It relies on the cost of its timepieces to stay in the game and exceeds profits. However, sales of products that drive revenue are for technology brands like HYT.

    It relies on investor funds to develop and consolidate new markets. In February 2016, the brand received another $23 million in funding, including funding from Nestlé Chairman Peter Brabeck-Letmathe. The funds that are integrated will help to expand into new markets and new areas. "This liquid technology is very promising, so there is a lot of room for growth," Berdoz Hermes Cape Cod replica watches