Xinyu Enameled Aluminum Wires' Technology


    In terms of the enameled aluminum wire itself, the resistivity is different from that of copper. Therefore, if the copper is changed to the enameled wire, as long as the wire diameter of the aluminum wire is increased according to the resistivity ratio, the aluminum wire will not increase in temperature, current, and energy efficiency. It is worse than the copper wire. Therefore, in terms of design, there is no problem in converting copper into aluminum. However, due to the extremely live wave of aluminum metal, it is easy to oxidize, and it is difficult to apply tin. Many companies are very troubled by this problem. Therefore, the key to the application of enameled aluminum wire is how to solve the welding problem of the connection point.

    As for aluminum wire welding, there are terminal riveting and solder wire welding, and some copper wires are used to wrap the aluminum wire and re-weld. At present, there are not many companies that handle aluminum arc welding in China. The welding of aluminum wire is divided into two processes: one is stripping, and the other is welding.

    In paint stripping, there are many factories that use high-temperature tin soldering. After the iron is hot, the aluminum wire turns yellow and black. It is basically impossible to solder. In some paint stripping machines, the temperature is very high due to friction. Therefore, the aluminum after paint stripping On the one hand, the wire is damaged, and on the other hand, the surface of the aluminum wire becomes black and the oxidation is severe. It is also extremely difficult to apply tin.

    Firstly, the terminals are riveted, and the aluminum wire oxidizes quickly. In addition, the potential difference between copper and aluminum is large. Electrochemical corrosion will gradually occur during the power-on process. The resistance of the connection point will gradually increase and the temperature rise will become higher. Finally, the power must not be applied.

    Solder wire welding is also very problematic, the temperature of the soldering iron can not be very large, so it is very easy to produce sound welding surfacing, the surface looks very full, in fact, it is wrapped inside, and other flux can not be vaporized for a short time , so there will be a lot of carbon flux residue inside the solder joints, this way is not reliable by the argument.

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