The cool autumn wind and

  • The cool autumn wind and the warm sunshine ushered in our happy autumn tour. This time, our destination is - Qingqing Travel World. As soon as I heard the name, I was full of curiosity about it. It must be a very fun placetudents are talking and laughing in the car, and they are all imagining what entertainment projects are in the Qinghai tourism world bus stopped and the tour guide led us into the world of green tourism.tertainment here is really colorful! There are directional cross-country, brave roads, fires this going to do?" I asked doubtfully. "Go to change camouflage!" I don't know which classmate told me. ""Yay! "In order to change the camouflage suit, I became so mad that I became a real little soldier. Following the instructor, we came to a field and saw a gun and heard a v������The gunshot. Oh, we have to shoot the eggs in the fieldnstructor has taught us a lot of knowledge, such as safety education, how to wear protective masks and hats, and so on. Next, I put on my protective mask and I was very happy. The students were guessing each other: "Do you know who I am? Do you know who I am?" At this moment, my heart is very happy, I think: now I am A little warrior, I have to play on the battle!countdown of the instructor: "Open the gun insurance Wholesale Cigarettes Online, five, four, three, two, one, shoot!" I fired the egg Newport 100S Cigarettes, because the person was blocked, so I didn't even see the eggs I shot. where it goes. It is here, far away, there is an egg coming to me, saying that it is late, then fast, I am smartly moving to the side, hitting other places, I am very happy! "Hey, hey, hey!" The fierce battle continued. Until the last moment, my hand was already sour, and I couldn��t hold it. At this moment, the instructor shouted the countdown: "Five, four, three, two, one, close the gun insurance. Leave the shooting range!" We held the gun and reluctantly left the trench Wholesale Newport Cigarettes.un was over. I took off my protective mask, took off my hat, and still missed the scene where we were fighting hard. We also exchanged feelings with our partners when we were fighting. In this laughter, we took the bus and reluctantly left the world of green tourism that brought us joy. You have experienced it. I didn't have a few days ago. We learned the text "Rhu Peanut" and I was deeply inspired. Although peanuts are not good-looking, they are very useful. Be a useful person, don't be a person who only speaks decent and is not good for others. Flowers grow not good, but the benefits of peanuts are many! People must be people who have helped the society and have paid for it Buy Cigarettes Online Cheap. Don't think that you are beautiful when you are beautiful. Although some people look good Newports 100, they do not mean that his heart is good and he is helpful to the society.people not only do not obey, but also destroy: the lawn is clearly inserted: the grass will hurt, please do not step on it. However, some people prefer to violate the rules. Some people hear on the bus to give seats to children, the elderly, women and other disabled people, but sunny afternoon, I jumped to the supermarket to buy things. When I left, I bought something of 5 yuan. I gave him 10 yuan. But the boss ht, suddenly "����" and "����", who is it? Are people coming to me so late? Dad cried: Wen Wen, open the door! I am happy to run to the door, take a small bench, step on it and look at the "cat's eye", hey? This is not the owner of the supermarket! What is he doing? Obviously, the boss is very ashamed. I opened the door and the boss said, "I am sorry... I didn't sleep well last night, I didn't have the spirit. I only found you 3 yuan and gave you 2 yuan. I won't have this situation again next time..." "It doesn't matter." They are all people in the factory, so there is no need to say "I'm sorry" for small things!